Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The First

As our first work, Dourk Output translated chapter 72 of Sora no Otoshimono. At this time, our scanlation is available at .


Hi, I'm DeProgrammer, a software developer by trade. I'm a big fan of anime and manga, so I recently invested a lot of time in learning Japanese. In fact, I've spent about an hour and a half studying Japanese every day on average for the last six months.

Oh, yes, six months. In roughly the duration of one college semester, I spent the equivalent of about 16 college semester hours studying the language. So, can you tell I love what I do?

Regardless, Tourk and I share the love for anime and manga. Sora no Otoshimono is one of our mutual favorite ongoing manga series, and since I had already read the next chapter, and since Tourk likes to spend a lot of time transcribing the pages without actually involving himself much in understanding the language, we thought we may as well try the whole scanlating thing.

After we submitted our first completed product, I spoke with an experienced scanlator, who informed us of some rules of scanlation etiquette. Thus, at this point, I'd like to take a moment to apologize to Renzokusei Scans for violating the etiquette.

For the record, apparently the rule is that you shouldn't work on translating a chapter if another group has posted an update for that series within the last 90 days. It might sound territorial at a glance, but if we didn't already understand, we promptly learned the reason first-hand.

After teaching us that rule, our contact had specifically suggested that we work on "Golden Time" because it hadn't been updated in a long time, so we did. Tourk had finished cleaning and redrawing chapter 14 and I was 60% through translating it when I noticed that our friendly neighborhood Village Idiot Scanlations had beat us to the punch. I'm not sure if our contact knew that it had only been about 60 days since that same group had last uploaded a chapter of Golden Time, but I should have double-checked, regardless. It wouldn't have been cool to do the same thing to those fine individuals too.

That said, Tourk has come to hate textured speech bubbles.

And now we need another manga to translate, hopefully one slightly easier than Golden Time. :P

Dourk out!